Chief non-staff phthisiatrician of the Peninsula Health Ministry Lilia Mamotenko told about the deplorable situation in Crimea at the press conference "Clinical examination: What the Crimeans need to know."

 “Crimea is a region where the incidence of tuberculosis is higher than the Russian index. Despite the fact that over the last 5 years, the incidence was gradually declining, we remain one of the regions where the incidence of tuberculosis is high”, Mamotenko said, adding that in Crimea, the incidence rate is more than 70 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants.

 She noted that adults need to undergo medical examinations and fluorography to discover the TB. And the only way to discover the disease among children is to carry out immunodiagnostics.

 “As of today, another method to identify TB among children does not exist. Only Mantoux test under the age of 7 and Diaskintest starting with 8 years old,” Mamotenko explained.

 According to doctors, the particular danger is extrapulmonary TB.

“It is much more difficult to identify the extrapulmonary TB, as chest X-ray may be normal. Medical examination can help in such cases. If patients come to the therapist and describe their complaints, the doctor may send them to the phthisiatrician,” experts say.

Earlier it was reported that half of the infants in the Crimea had not been vaccinated against tuberculosis this year.

Photo: Internet