Due to the activity of military equipment in the Black Sea and in the airspace above the annexed Crimea, the tragedy of the Malaysian Boeing MH17 may repeat.
“Radio units 3 of the Radio Engineering Regiment (Sevastopol), deployed at Cape Tarkhankut, Cape Fiolent, Mount Ai-Petri in Dzhankoy, and in urban areas of Kerch and Feodosia, conducted detection and tracking of air targets, targeting transmission to the divisions of anti-aircraft missile systems and direction of fighter aircrafts,” reads the message on the Chief of the defence Intelligence Facebook page.
According to the Office, the above actions in the airspace over the Black Sea poses a danger to international air connection and contribute to possible repetition of the tragedy of the Malaysian Boeing flight MH17  which was hit with a Russian complex "Buk"  in July 2014 in the East of Ukraine.
The international team to investigate the MN17 tragedy noted in the report that the plane was shot down from  separatist-controlled territory of Donbas with SAM "Buk", delivered from the territory of Russia.
The crash of Boeing-777 flight MH17 killed 15 crew members and 283 passengers including 80 children.
Photo: Internet