January 29, the International Crimean marathon ends, to which Lviv joined as well. During the week, activists collected funds in one of the city's central squares in support of Crimean picketers, who were unlawfully fined by the occupation authorities.

The main goal of the action was to help people pay huge amounts of fines, and also to show them support, as anyone who contributes a charitable donation can take a memory photo and thus declare to the world: "Crimean Tatars are not extremists."

"Throughout the world, people are now supporting the Crimean activists, a symbolic sum of 10 rubles or 5 hryvnia allows the whole people to collect repayment of draconian fines of several tens of thousands of rubles, which the occupation authorities daily impose against our activists," noted Crimean migrant activist Ali.

In Lviv, the Crimean marathon was attended by thousands of concerned people, someone throws 5 hryvnia into the box, and some 50, all donations are voluntary.

“I saw the guys near the tent and decided to stop to read who and why is standing there. I contribute without hesitation, because I know that otherwise it will never be a strong independent Ukraine. Even in conditions of tough occupation the Crimean Tatars find ways to express their opinion, and if my little contribution helps them, I am very happy," Lviv resident Tatyana said in the commentary.

The organizers of the marathon emphasize that terrorism, which the Russian invaders try to attribute to the Crimeans, came to the peninsula together with the illegal power.