The Russian occupation authorities sold the property of Lenur Islyamov, Director General of ATR, the Crimean Tatar television channel, one of the organizers of the Civil Blockade of the Crimea.

Thus, four facilities were auctioned off - two in Crimea and two in Russia. An office building in Simferopol, a health and fitness center in Hurzuf, as well as two parking places in the Russian capital. Four objects were initially estimated at more than 141.7 million rubles, but after several attempts to sell its price was reduced, and the assets were auctioned off for 51.8 million rubles (around 884 thousand USD).

Office area of 480.3 square meters located on 74a, Kirov Ave., in Simferopol, was sold for 16.1 million rubles while the initial price was 29 million. The winner of the auction is Natalia Kuskevich.

Another Crimean asset of Islyamov is a sport and fitness center with an area of 432.6 sq. M, located at 7a Pushkin embankment of Hurzuf, and a land plot under, with an area of 1094.00 sq m. The total initial price of the sports complex and land was 105 million 896 thousand rubles. However, after several attempts to sell the lot for a high price, it was also reduced to 32 million (about 547 thousand USD).

“The winner of the auction for selling the debtor's property through a public offer is the bidder named Purim Konstantin,” the auction informed.

The Moscow objects of Islyamov were sold as well. Two parking places in Moscow located not far from each other on the Mashkov str. were sold for 1 million 861 thousand rubles each, while the initial price was 3 million 356 thousand rubles for each. Murat Bitokov became the owner of the facilities.

Earlier, in Russia Islyamov was indicted in absentia for sabotage, which allegedly resulted in the fact that the Crimea was completely de-energized in November 2015. Islyamov is also involved in the criminal trial, initiated by FSB for the creation of an armed battalion at the administrative border with the Russia-occupied Crimea.

Earlier, Islamov made a statement noting that it is very important for the Crimean Tatars not only to hear that the Crimea is Ukraine, but to know for sure that they are an indigenous people and that the Crimean Tatar autonomy exists.