10 people were fired from the Crimean Tatar State Song and Dance Ensemble "Haytarma" in Crimea, informed the member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, the Chairman of the Crimean Tatar resource center Eksender Bariev.

According to him, the dismissal of the performers followed the discharge of artistic director of the ensemble, Tajikistan People's Artist Remzi Tarsinova-Bakkal in June 2016. Later the dancer Rustam Yusupov left the group and had to enter the ensemble "Crimea".

“According to Russian legislation, actors work under contract. Before going on vacation performers wrote letters of resignation due to termination of the contract. They were to sign the new contract after vacation, but the 10 people were fired,” Bariev said.

He shared the names of the fired performers with large entertainment experience.

According to Eskender Bariev, the contract was not extended for: the orchestra artiste Hayser Abselyamov; Honored Artist of the ARC singer Aksana Amet-Mustafa; Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, conductor Refat Ashirov; singer Yakub Jemil; Orchestra Artiste Ernest Kadyrov; actress-singer Maysara Mamadieva; Orchestra Artiste Server Mambetov; Honored Artist of Ukraine, ballet dancer Muniver Musledinova; choreographer Mikhail Puryuvkin; ballet dancer Ramis Yusupov.

Moreover, a member of the Mejlis said that Puryuvkin and Ashirov had been performing in the ensemble for about 40 years, and the others for 20 years.

Reference. The Crimean Tatar State Song and Dance Ensemble "Haytarma" of was founded in 1939. Following the deportation of the Crimean Tatars it was revived in 1957 in Tashkent. In the time of deportation, the ensemble was an embodiment of identity, culture and language. In 1992 he was transferred to the Crimean State Philharmonic. Since 1993, the ensemble has worked in Yevpatoria branch of the Crimean Philharmonic.

The State Ensemble "Haytarma" consists of 3 groups: orchestra (12 pers.), Dancing (14 pers.) and vocal (7chel.) - 33 performers in total.

Photo: Internet