The so-called authorities of the occupied Crimea plan to hold Days of the Crimean Tatar culture in the capital of Turkey - Ankara in the spring, according to the  statement by the so-called Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Georgy Muradov.

Muradov claimed that the Crimean Tatar people is allegedly one of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

“We act within the framework of the law of the Russian Federation on the support of compatriots living abroad. The Crimean Tatar people is one of the peoples of the Russian Federation, and we are helping to work with compatriots abroad as a subject of the federation. In the framework of rendering assistance to Crimean Tatars in relations with their compatriots abroad, we will hold these Days of Culture (in Ankara),” he noted.

The so-called Deputy Prime Minister stressed that Days of the Crimean Tatar culture will be held on the site of the Russian Cultural Center in Ankara.

“We will show the photo exhibition, including the renovated Khan Palace, ... a concert of the Crimean Tatar culture, bring the books in the Crimean Tatar language. We are going to make a good event that will strengthen understanding among the Crimean Tatars who live in Turkey, that their homeland is Crimea, where the Crimean Tatars are one of the peoples whose language is recognized as state language, is developing successfully, and the Crimean Tatars live in harmony here in the framework of interethnic relations," he claimed.

Recall, the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov said that those who are destroying the Khan Palace in the occupied Bakhchysarai should be held responsible for this.

QHA reported that in Bakhchysarai the occupiers are destroying the Khan's palace. The palace-museum was closed for 4 days under a far-fetched pretext and guard was put on all sides.

Source: Kriminfor