The "authorities" of the occupied Crimea intend to establish control over the private rented sector, and a special working group will be engaged in searching and recording of the relevant objects, the "Minister of Resorts and Tourism" of Crimea Sergey Strelbitsky reported, according to the "Center for Journalistic Investigations".

“Now we initiated the working group, headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers Larisa Opanasuk. The group will deal with individual accommodation issues. Summer is a time when everything is on the surface, when we can see those who offer housing. Together with the tax inspection and other bodies we will carry out a very serious work without disturbing the holiday season”.

The so-called "Minister" added that for two years the "leadership" of the peninsula had attempted to introduce a patent tax system for Crimeans who rent housing in the private sector and small accommodation places. Strelbitsky believes that such an initiative will take this business out of the shadow.

Earlier QHA reported that so-called border guards and policemen in Sovietsky district had checked the passports of the residents, referring to the order they had allegedly received.

PHOTO: Internet