Poland topped the list of countries attracting migrant workers from Ukraine. Now there are about one million Ukrainian citizens in the country, Vasyl Voskoboinyk, head of the NGO All-Ukrainian Association of Companies on International Employment, said during a press conference on the topic "Migration Attitude of Ukraine's Population", according to a QHA correspondent .

The top list also includes Italy and Germany.

Voskobojnik noted that since 2014, the number of Polish visas issued to Ukrainians has been growing annually by 30%.

"Ukrainians choose Poland for two reasons. First, Poland's economy is growing rapidly. But there is a downside: Polish citizens also go to work in Western Europe, where they can get higher returns than in their homeland. Accordingly, the Polish government is interested in attracting labor force from those countries that are mentally and culturally close to the Poles, "said Vasyl Voskobojnyk.

He pointed out that the vast majority of those going to Poland are people of working professions.

"Demand is very high, but the shifting in the direction of highly qualified personnel, unfortunately, does not occur because there is a language barrier, and it involves the knowledge of a business professional language," he explained.

According to the expert, in the near future, Czech Republic and Hungary will be included into the list of countries favorable to labor migration of Ukrainians since there is a request from their governments.