At this point, after almost three years of the Russian occupation of Crimea, almost all business activities in the peninsula are financed from the Russian budget or business funds. At the same time, due to the sanctions imposed on Russia, the funding is getting smaller, which affects the earnings. The country-occupier, Russian Federation, is trying to hide social problems on the peninsula with the help of informational propaganda, the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Nariman Jelal said in an interview with Ukrainian television.

“All of the more or less important events in Crimea are carried out solely from the Russian budget funds or funds of Russian businessmen. Foreign investors have not been observed in the Crimea for a long time. Those clowns show with a visit of the European or Turkish alleged businessmen that occur in the Crimea from time to time, raise irony. Because, no matter what Russia says, sanctions are working. If not in the very Crimea, then in Russia, through their impact on the state budget of Russia. In Crimea, the effects are visible... Those enormous earnings the businessmen were promised when invited to Crimea, have not materialized. They try to work, try to hold on. People live, they rather survive. The promised salary of 30-40 thousand USD turned out to be RUB 15 thousand per month. The Russian government is trying to compensate for all these things with various social benefits, some social projects in the first place, propaganda, which is just driving people crazy” Jelal said.

In mid-December, on his Facebook page Nariman Jelal informed, that the schoolchildren in the Russia-annexed Crimea, without the consent of parents, are told about the threat of IS terrorism and shown educational cartoons about how to behave in case of an explosion.

Photo: Internet