At a conference in Warsaw Zachęta museum, the leader of the Crimean Tatar people and the Ukrainian MP Mustafa Jemilev warned the Europeans against the idea of abolition of the anti-Russian sanctions, being discussed in some countries of the European Union, UALife publication reports.

“After the occupation of Crimea, I have visited several countries and addressed the various parliaments. In particular, in the Italian parliament, I was told how sensitive those sanctions were to Italy and how many millions of Euros they were losing because of them. I would like to repeat that the freedom and legal order in the world are worth to be paid for. If you do not pay now, you may have to pay ten times later, and not only money, but also the lives of people,” said the Ukrainian MP.

Mustafa Jemilev also mentioned the intensification of repression against the Crimean Tatars on the Russian-occupied peninsula. In particular, the Commissioner of Ukrainian President on the Crimean Tatar Affairs said that there are more cases of intimidation, arrests, revisions, as well as the abduction and disappearance of people in Crimea. Hence, many Tatars are forced to leave their homeland. According to the Ukrainian MP, the occupants use such measures, because they have realized they will not agree with the Crimean Tatars on the recognition of the annexation of Crimea.

In an interview with Voice of America, Mustafa Jemilev expressed the view that the pre-election statements of Donald Trump on the recognition of the annexation of the Crimea have been caused only by his lack of awareness, and assumed that, the Republican Party, to which Donald Trump belongs, will give him more detailed information about the real situation on the peninsula.