MP of Ukraine Mustafa Jemilev has submitted bills to the Parliament of Ukraine to conduct in 2014 at the state level a number of commemorative events, informs official site of the deputy. Thus, the bills envisage conducting events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of death of Crimean Tatar cultural and public figure Ismail Gasprinsky; 125th birthday anniversary of the Crimean Tatar social and political activist Jafer Seydamet (Kirimer); and 700th anniversary of Uzbek Khan mosque-madrasa. The latter bill was submitted together with MP Vyacheslav Kirilenko. Within bills, the National Bank of Ukraine is proposed to issue commemorative coins dedicated to the 100th death anniversary of Ismail Gasprinsky and 125th birthday anniversary of Jafer Seydamet as well as to conduct restoration works at the architectural complex of Uzbek Khan mosque-madrasa.