The Russian authorities have actually introduced exit visas for foreign citizens, a Russian journalist and TV presenter Anna Mongite, who faced this phenomenon personally, informed the matter on  Facebook.
According to the journalist, the security forces did not allow the nanny of her children who is a Georgian citizen, to leave the territory of the Russian Federation, since she did not have an "exit visa". Moreover, she was ordered to pay a fine of 2 thousand rubles (about 900 UAH) for attempting to leave the RF without this permission.

“Exit Visas were allegedly introduced 10 days ago (in the comments people write that almost 15 years ago). Nobody knows about them. But you can already be fined. It takes 20 days to obtain one and a complex "package of documents" is required as well.  As if it is England.”

Mongait noted that in response to the outrage, a law enforcement officer responded with a threat.

“To our indignant screams The man said that everything that happens here is recorded on video, and "try to argue again, we will deal with you as well!" The children wept. The depressed nurse was sent somewhere in the world of fines and humiliations, back to Russia, which she is obliged to love without leaving it.”

Earlier, QHA reported that Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov supports the idea of ​​introducing a visa regime with Russia.
PHOTO: Internet