Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov continues his hunger strike, his sister Natalia Kaplan stated on her Facebook page.

“Oleg Sentsov is alive, continues his hunger strike. He fights, although it is very hard for him, he is exhausted. I wonder where he takes so much energy, I have no answer," she wrote.

The sister of the political prisoner noted that his case was transferred to the European Human Rights Council (ECHR) as early as 2014.

“The case rests with the ECHR since 2014, it is given priority, and why everything is delayed - the question to the ECHR. Conditional release and amnesty is not our option, Oleg is convicted under the article "terrorism", and this excludes parole or amnesty. Only pardon remains, and we are ready for this, it all depends solely on a political solution to the issue, and pardon is the only way to legitimize everything.”

According to Kaplan, at the moment she lives for Sentsov's life and waits for him to leave prison.

QHA reported that Oleg Sentsov lost 15 kg, but he is not going to stop the hunger strike. According to Natalya Kaplan, Sentsov is disappointed that little attention is paid to other political prisoners and believes that if they release him alone, it will be a "complete failure."

From 13 to 16 July a series of public demonstrations will be held demanding the release of Oleg Sentsov. It is for these days that important dates occur both in Oleg Sentsov's life and in the world. July 13 is the birthday of Oleg Sentsov, and July 14 - two months since the start of his hunger strike.