Baherove airfield is located near the city of Kerch in the Russia-annexed Crimea. It represented a 3.5 km runway made of high-strength concrete slabs, designed for reception of "Buran" spaceships (an analogue of the American space shuttle). The airfield was dismantled for building materials to send for the Kerch bridge construction.

A video of a completely disassembled Baherovoe airfield has appeared in the networks. It was taken by quadrocopters and shows the bare and uneven land on the green background of the Crimean steppe.

“Nothing left of the Baherove military airfield. Once it was a strategic object, capable to accept "Burans", then it became a venue for car racing. And today the runway is almost completely dismantled: slabs, stones and sand were taken away to build a bridge across the Kerch Strait,” writes a local publication

Baherove airfield was included in the program of small aircraft development in Crimea, approved in February 2011. According to the Reskomtrans plan, all cities of the peninsula were to be connected by regular flights by 2015. The plan has become impossible to implement.

In May 2012, the airport was sold to a private company, which immediately proceeded to his dismantling for building materials. Most of the runway was demolished even before Russia's annexation in 2014, but the dismantling of plates considerably accelerated with the beginning of Kerch Strait bridge construction.

Photo: Internet