In his comment to QHA, the author of two Ukrainian bridge projects across the Kerch Strait Georgy Rosnovsky expressed an opinion that the bridge under construction across the Kerch Strait will not stand long.

“The place chosen for the construction of the bridge is actually wrong. They do it wrong and in a wrong place. The bottom is covered with mud volcanoes, and the bedrock is deeply rooted," the engineer said, commenting on the information that the pillars of the Kerch bridge do not sink.

Rosnovsky still does not understand why this particular bridge plan was chosen.

“This was the most difficult and expensive option. Perhaps, with generous funding, this bridge will be completed," he stressed.

The expert also pointed to the problem of the height of the bridge. According to the projects of Russian engineers, the bridge will be 35 meters high.

“Although the reports say that the arch of the Crimean bridge was installed with 100% accuracy, one concept is still crucial, and that is unacceptable dimensions. For many ships it needs to be higher. Many ships simply will not pass under the bridge,” the engineer said.

The arch span over the navigable part of the Kerch Strait was being installed from August 27 to August 29, 2017. The arch weighing six thousand tons was transported from the shore on the plows and erected to the projected height. The positioning accuracy was 100%.

The builders of the bridge are preparing the operation for the installation of the second navigable arch - the automobile one.

It is further reported that student construction teams were involved with construction of a bridge in the Crimea as a labor force under the guise of summer production practices. RIA Crimea reports that the labor forces were formed of 90 students from four Russian universities: Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, St. Petersburg State University of Communications named after Emperor Aleksandr I, Moscow State University of Communications of Emperor Nikolas II and a branch of the Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University in Sochi.