A resident of the occupied Crimean city of Kerch told Russian President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev about how self-proclaimed Crimean authorities profit from them. The video was posted on the social network Vkontakte on a public page "Kerch Red curbs."

According to him, Russian funding of the projects being implemented in the Crimea is simply "cut", and the Crimean "authorities" show a nice picture to their Kremlin bosses.

An unnamed Crimea resident told that the orders of the President and Prime Minister of Russia are criminally not executed, which should be regarded as a manifestation of disrespect to them personally.

“Medvedev was told that the roads were repaired in Kerch. They were repaired but only on the main lines. I can tell how they walked all over Medvedev. For the Kerch authorities Medvedev is a looser. Because if this is a road, then I'm the President of Russia. Medvedev and Putin were in Kerch September 15 and ordered to repair the roads. So they were repaired. Vladimir Vladimirovich, for Kerch "authorities" you are a goof, as well as for the "Prime Minister" of the Crimea. Look at what was once a road under Brezhnev’s rule. Aksenov has no money on the road for Crimean people, but he quickly sawed 20 million to erect a monument to militants. So maybe, instead allocating him another 100 million on the tiles around the monument, let’s make roads for the Crimean people? For Kerch authorities you, Putin and Medvedev, are nobody,” a resident of Kerch said.

December 30, in the occupied Simferopol the monument to "Militia of all time" was unveiled in front of the Council of Ministers building. The opening ceremony of the monument dedicated to the gangs, which assisted the so-called Crimean "authorities" to gain control over the peninsula by means of beatings, torture and abduction of civilians, was attended by the "Head" of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov and the RF State Duma deputy Mikhail Sheremet.

Photo: Internet