Russian Security officers systematically violate the human rights of prisoners in the detention center in Simferopol, arranging surveillance and showing contempt for religious traditions of Muslims. Personnel of the detention center did not even provide medical care to prisoners, which resulted in death, the human rights defender Emir-Usein Kuku, accused of "terrorism" by the occupation authorities in the Crimea, informed on the video broadcast in court.
“It is impossible to call for anybody. December 25 a person died in the cell at a distance of 30 meters from me. Nobody did provided any help. The issue was closed, they say, sudden death, it happens. The food is ... They give pork,there is no other  meat except it. Five people in a cell, with a small window near the ceiling, if opened, everyone is freezing, but if shut there is nothing to breathe ... Cameras are everywhere, nurses even watch us defecate ... Our parents survived the deportation, they were also imprisoned by KGB and the NKVD. We must do everything in our power,” Kuku said.

Earlier, January 9, the political prisoner Crimean Tatar Emir-Usein Kuku returned in Simferopol prison from a psychiatric clinic, where he was held for three weeks for the compulsory examination.
According to the human rights activists, while in custody Kuku was at least twice visited by FSB officers  who tried to recruit him as an undercover informant.
The detention period of Emir-Usein Kuku was extended until February 8, 2017.
Photo: Internet