Three years ago, on this day a few dozen participants of Revolution of Dignity were shot in the center of Kyiv.
Hundreds of people come here with the flowers and lamps to honor the memory of the fallen heroes.

“I could not but come here today. My husband and I were on the Maidan from the outset, and saw those guys on the barricades. And now I look at these pictures and realize that they are no longer with us,” a Kyiv resident Natalia recalled unable to hold back the tears.

Many of those present on the Independence Square recalled that three years ago a peaceful protest turned into an armed confrontation. And Ukrainians had to pay a very high price for their freedom - the lives of their loved ones.

“I very much hope that they did not die in vain. Some things in the country have changed, people themselves have changed. They have become somehow kinder to each other,” the participant of the event Maria believes.

In the evening in memory of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred, a rally-requiem was also held to pay tribute to all the perished members of the Maidan.