Dec.16, the editorial staff of the children's TV program “Lale”, part of Crimean production studio “QaraDeniz Production”, ceased its work, as well as the "15 Minut" News Agency.

In addressing to the readers, the staff said the decision was taken since Lenur Islyamov, the owner of the ATR media holding, which moved to Kiev, laid claim to the ”Lale” TV Channel brand, which is part of this holding.

- We want to thank all, especially children and their parents since your talent, desire to preserve and develop the Crimean Tatar language, traditions and culture afforded us a chance to create interesting programs that surprise and delight those living in Crimea with unique creative projects, said the editorial staff of the “Lale” Children's TV Channel.

As Lenur Islyamov, the owner of the ATR media holding, explained in Facebook comments, Lale TV Channel and "15 Minut" news agency, as well as the ATR TV channel, will work in Kiev until Crimea is liberated from Russian invaders.

- We are grateful to all staff who has worked on these projects in Ukrainian Crimea, and then when it was Russia-occupied, thank you very much. Everyone willing to move from Crimea to Kiev will be given the same job and a rent apartment in Kiev. I will understandingly accept those who decide to remain in the occupied Crimea. All my media projects will be carried out in free Ukraine as it has all conditions, the most important of which is freedom of speech. See you in free Crimea, wrote Lenur Islyamov.

Dec 16, the News Agency "15 minutes", recently a part of the Crimean production studio Qara Deniz Production, also ceased its work. The staff of the news agency will work on a new project.

Reminder: this is not the first media outlet in the peninsula that had to cease its work after the Russia’s annexation of Crimea. April 1, the Crimean Tatar ATR and Lale TV Channels, Meydan and "Leader" Radio Companies, a part of the ATR media holding, also ceased broadcasting due to not being “granted” a Russian license. "Crimea Media" news agency has also suffered from the same fate and stopped its work recently. QHA (Crimean news agency) also failed to get this top license and therefore was forced to move to Kiev.