A significant number of internal human trafficking victims in Ukraine were subjected to exploitation on the territory of Russia annexed Crimea, the Ukrainian Representative Office of the International Organization for Migration informed QHA.

“The Russian Federation remains the main country of destination for human trafficking in Ukraine - 68% of the affected individuals who sought help from IOM in the first half of 2016, returned from this country (64% in 2015, 77% in 2013-2014). In the second place are the EU countries, where 17% of the victims have returned from, 80% of them suffered in Poland. Other countries of destination in 2016 were Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Moldova and Belarus. The number of people who have suffered from domestic trafficking has increased, and makes up 7% of the total number of cases (compared with 3% in 2015). A significant number of those who have suffered from domestic trafficking in 2016, were subjected to exploitation on the territory of Crimea,” the representative of IOM said.

Over 2016, according to border guards, 19 criminal proceedings were initiated under Art. 149 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code "Trafficking in human beings or other illegal agreement with respect to transmission rights", and more than 60 orders executed to conduct investigation activities. In total as a result of the implemented measures it was possible to prevent exporting of almost 30 potential victims abroad and to stop the illegal export of 82 children.

Photo: Internet