Ilmi Umerov’s relatives and media reports on the deterioration of his state health and the lack of necessary medical care. Forcible confinement and lack of proper medical care are nothing other than violation of fundamental human rights - to security and life, the Ukraine’s Lawyers Alliance made a statement on September 5. The text of the statement was posted on the personal Facebook page of the Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Refat Chubarov.

We insist on unconditional access of the representatives of international human rights organizations to Ilmi Umerov, his release from prison, as well as providing him with qualified treatment, said a statement.

Chairman of the Ukraine’s Lawyers Alliance Svyatoslav Piskun said Ilmi Umerov must be provided with the right to a fair and impartial investigation of his case. He also added that Ilmi Umerov’s defenders must be given a right to exercise their powers in accordance with international legal norms.

The Ukraine’s Lawyers Alliance has more than 100,000 individual members and nearly the same number in institutions, enterprises and organizations that are the collective members and industry associations. The organizations of the Allilance operate in all regions of our country.

Photo: Internet