17:10 - Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov was found guilty of "disseminating extremist materials" and arrested for 10 days, according to the journalist Anton Naumlyuk from the scene.

16:10 - Lawyer Eden Semedlyaev posted a photo on his page on Facebook with Emil Kurbedinov pending trial.

15:32 - Naumlyuk reports that Kurbedinov pleaded guilty only partially. "He says he posted materials, but not engaged in propaganda." The judge withdrew to the deliberation room.

“I admit guilt partially. I do admit that this post on a social network has been placed by me. Then, back in 2013, in Simferopol a lot of Hizb ut-Tahrir meetings were held, and I could have shared a video and photos. But we are not talking about any propaganda. Then Hizb ut-Tahrir was not banned in Crimea and they acted legally. I posted it and forgot about it. If the CCE staff informed me that this post is breaching the law, I would have immediately removed it. I did not have any intentions. I just forgot about the post."

15:16 – The Court presented Kurbedinov screenshots of pages from the social network Vkontakte, featuring a post of 2013 with an undefined symbols. Emil said that not his name is specified in the expert conclusions.

15:02 - Emil Kurbedinov seeks minutes of the meeting and the presence of the Public Prosecutor (the Prosecutor is not present), in accordance with the Convention of the European Court, in order to keep competitiveness, otherwise, an accuser is the judge.
15:00 - Osman Arimf reports that the judge Belenchuk began considering the case.

14:20 - Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov was rendered suspect.

Media representatives were not allowed at the hearing, without further explanation, according to Anton Naumlyuk.

"Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov suspected of offense under Article 20.3 of the Administrative Code for publishing a post in Facebook in 2013. A video from the Hizb ut-Tahrir rally in Crimea.

UPD Kurbedinov brought to the courthouse. The press is not allowed in the courtroom under the decision of the Chairman of the Railway District Court for unspecified reasons. Eventually broke through to the courtroom."

13:35 - Journalist Anton Naumlyuk from the scene reported that Kurbedinov was taken to the courthouse to determine the measure of restraint.

"Emil Kurbedinov was taken to the Railway District Court to determine Simfiropolya preventive measure."

13:05 - According to Anna Bogachev, about 20-30 people gathered outside the Railway District Court, and people keep supporting the lawyer Emil Kurbedinov.
11:32 - Lawyer Cemil Temishev, who came to the Kurbedinov’s house for legal aid, is not allowed by the Special Forces.

"Special Forces arrived for a search in the apartment of Emil Kurbedinov. They occupied stairways on several floors. Lawyer Temishev who arrived for legal aid, is not allowed. Local Bar is registered to the apartments address."

11:17 - According to Anton Naumlyuk, lawyer Emil Kurbedinov is now in the Center for Counteraction to Extremism and waiting for the defense, insisting on being defended by Eden Semedlyaev.

“Eden is now attending the search in the lawyer's office. As soon as the search finishes, he will go to Emil, and then to the District Railway Court. Suspicion of extremism.”

Naumlyuk confirmed that Kurbedinov’s apartment, which is listed in the Bar, is currently searched. Emil Kurbedinov’s mother called an ambulance, according to the doctor, "her state is normal."

11:14 -Temishev informed of approximate term of the meeting.

“Hearing on Emil will start at about 2 p.m. at the District Railway Court. I haven’t seen the protocol with my own eyes, but according to the information I have, he is imputed Article 20.3 of the RF Administrative Offences Code”

Article 20.3 of the RF Administrative Offences Code: Propaganda or public display of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols, or paraphernalia or symbols of extremist organizations, or other paraphernalia or symbols, propaganda or public demonstration of which is prohibited by federal laws.

11:03 – During the search in the office where Emil Kurbedinov and Eden Semedlyaev work the office equipment was seized, according to Anna Bogacheva.

10:50 - Hatice Mamut reports of a possible preventive measure for Kurbedinov.

"Travel ban  is not the worst preventive measure, right?"

10:15 - Anton Naumlyuk informed that an ambulance arrived to the house where Emil Kurbedinov resides and which is currently searched.

9:56 - The house of Emil Kurbedinov is also searched, the Crimean Tatar activist Hatice Mamut informs.

Follow the link to watch the online broadcast.

9:51 - A search in the office of lawyers Emil Kurbedinov and Eden Semedlyaev continues, journalist Anton Naumlyuk reports.

9:38 - It is known that lawyer Emil Kurbedinov is currently at the Center for counteraction to extremism in Simferopol on Dekabristov street. He is accused of distributing extremist materials.

Court hearing on a measure of restraint is scheduled for today, about 11 o’clock at the Simferopol Railway Court.

8:34 - Emil Kurbedinov managed to inform, that while the lawyers were driving to the house of Saliev, where a search was being conducted, their car was stopped by the so-called Traffic Police of the Crimea:

“We were going to a search at Saliev’s house. However, Traffic Police officers did not let us go. We are standing. They want to take Eden Semedlyaev somewhere. We are waiting. Probably failing to attend the search.”

Thus, Saliev family currently has no legal assistance.

The extraction team arrived at the scene. As of now it is known only on the detention of lawyer Emil Kurbedinov.

Head of CEC of Kurultay of the Crimean Tatar people Zair Smedlyaev posted detailed information on detention on his Facebook page.

“Flagitious pressure on lawyers is increasing. The office of lawyers Emil Kurbedinov and Eden Semedlyaev are searched. Emil was detained in Bakhchisarai."

08:30 - The morning wave of searches continues in Bahchisarai. After the FSB took the Crimean Tatar activist Seyran Saliev, it was reported of a search in the office of the Crimean lawyers Emil Kurbedinov and Eden Semedlyaev.