On the streets of the occupied Simferopol, citizens are being handed out the leaflets devoted to the 80th anniversary of the USSR Constitution, with provocative questions under the portrait of a totalitarian dictator. Crimeans are called to think about how they live under capitalism, QHA sources in Crimea report.

The text of the leaflets refers to a number of social guarantees that were listed in the Constitution of the Soviet Union, with a hint that they are respected today worse than 80 years ago, in 1936, right after a number of famines, committed by the Soviet authorities in the republics, and repression against representatives of the Ukrainian intelligentsia in particular.

The persistent human rights violations do not stop in the Russian-annexed Crimea in the past three years, despite the fact that the OSCE has previously provided its recommendations to prevent them. This led to the fact that more and more Crimeans no longer feel safe intending to leave the peninsula.

PHOTO: source QHA