September, 8 Russian businessman and owner of ATR TV Channel answered the journalists’ questions at a press conference in the Ukrainian House.

At the press conference it was stated that the initiative group of Crimean Tatars and Ukraine’s patriots announced the arrangements of a peaceful Crimea-Ukraine border blockade aimed to stop commodity supply. The reasons for this blockade are continuing reprisals to the Crimean Tatar people and Crimea’s residents of other nationalities.

According to Lenur Islyamov, the Crimea-Ukraine border blockade will show who of the politicians is a patriot of the country of Ukraine.

The businessman cannot get how the government bereft of its native land, continues to deliver products and supply electricity to the occupied territory. He said that peaceful action should stir up the Ukrainian authorities.

Along the way he responded to a question on the situation with his own business:

- You ask me what is at stake, since my business is in Russia? I tell you - everything! All that I have, I put it on the map. Business is primarily a head, a cold calculation and Crimea is my heart! It’s impossible to make a decision touching my heart with a head, summed up the general director of ATR TV Channel.