The stores in Russia-annexed Crimea are filled with counterfeit alcohol sold in crowded resting places under the guise of Crimean wines and brandies, said the Minister Andrei Skrynnik as cited by the press service of the Ministry of Industrial Policy.

- The sales of fake alcohol discredits the notion of "Crimean wines" and "Crimean cognac" in the eyes of our customers and make a huge financial damage to the economy of producers and retailers, said Skrynnik.

In turn, the Deputy Head with the Interregional Management of Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation in Crimea, Anna Bakalov said the analysis of alcohol market indicates a significant presence of counterfeit alcohol and beer in the retail trade. In particular, the greatest number of fakes has been found in Simferopol, the smallest - in the northern district of Crimea and in countryside outlets.