It was Berkut officers, not Maidan protesters, who were shot dead first in Kiev’s Institutskaya Street on February 20, 2014. Ivan Bobchik, a Lvov resident, was the one who fired the lethal shots, Bird in Flight reports quoting Ivan Bubenchik.

“I picked the ones who were in command. I could not hear them talking but I did see them giving commands with their hands. They were not too far off, so it took me only two shots to bring each of the two officers down ... They say I shot them in the back of their heads and it’s true. It so happened they were standing with their backs to me. I couldn’t afford to wait until they turned around. I didn’t have to kill the others, only shoot them in the legs. I walked out of the Concervatory building and started moving along the barricades. When I was shooting, I was trying to make it look like we had 20 to 40 assault rifles. I asked the guys to make a little space between their shields. Perhaps, to some that will sound ugly, but they were crying tears of joy. They realized we would stand no chance unarmed,” said Bubenchik.

According to Bubenchik, he got taught how to shoot while he was ‘a soldier in the Soviet Army’.

“I got my training at an intelligence school. We were trained for missions in Afghanistan and other hot spots,” Bubenchik said.

More on what Bubenchik did on that day can be seen in the Brantsi (‘Prisoners’) documentary by Vladimir Tihiy which will hit movie screens nationwide on February 25. Ivan Bubenchik is serving in Donbass where an antiterrorist operation is now underway.