On Tuesday, June 13, Mariupol celebrated the third anniversary of the liberation from illegal gangs of the "DPR" (Donetsk People’s Republic). In honor of this date, volunteers joined forces and purchased awards for fighters who liberated their hometown in 2014. The people’s medal was named "Defended, defeated". Mariupol residents solely collected money for the awards, the QHA correspondent reports.

"It is a real reward from people and it is pleasant to accept this reward," the fighter of the National Guard Aleksey said.

The volunteers marked fighters of the Azov battalion and the National Guard of Ukraine, who liberated administrative buildings of Mariupol. 20 servicemen were awarded on 13 June, and the total number of people awarded with people’s medals exceeded one hundred and fifty in three years. Many servicemen who were honored with the reward could not attend the event, because they defended the city on the frontline near Mariupol.

Due to the weekday there were no many people in the main square of the city who could attend the event.

Every year it becomes more difficult to raise funds for the army's help and even for rewards. However, volunteers are not going to forget the tradition started in 2014, accortding to the volunteer and co-organizer of the event Galina Odnorog.

Reference. Mariupol was released from armed gangs in 2014. "Russian Spring" in the city lasted about six months.

During the winter actions, local Euromaidan activists were beaten up, and "DPR" supporters began to gather their small rallies. In spring armed gangs seized administrative buildings, the city council building, a bank and several private houses in the center of the city. The police were inactive.

Mariupol was released in one night on the initiative of the volunteers, who took out bandits from places of their location. But now the struggle for the city continues on the front line.