The beginning of May is always a cheerful period. People usually enjoy holidays and day offs marking the Day of Labour and Spring. In the territory of Ukraine and Russia people traditionally spend several days barbequing, entertaining or going on a trip. However, for the population of the Crimean peninsula occupied by Russia enjoying the holidays have bacome a chellange. 

Russian occupation authorities in the Crimea have fenced off the bus stations, closed many shopping and entertainment centers, and restricted access to forests. Moreover, on the territory of the annexed peninsula, sirens of warning are regularly howling, according to the reports by local media.

The so-called Emergency Situations Ministry is actively checking fire safety.

The occupiers closed almost all popular shopping malls: the "Southern Gallery" and "FM" in Simferopol, "Confetti" and the House of Trade in Yalta. Also the Russian Drama Theater named after Gorky in Simferopol is also closed.

Reportedly, the sirens regularly alert the public, which causes fear and irritation among local residents.

QHA reported that on March 25 in Kemerovo (RF) a fire occurred in the building of the SEC "Winter Cherry", which killed 64 people. The fire occurred in the cinema hall on the fourth floor. The total area of ​​the fire has reached 500 square meters. It was possible to evacuate 100 people, 16 people are missing. The accident caused a massive fire safety audit in Russia and Ukraine.