Kazan (QHA) -

Mejlis of Tatar people of Tatarstan, together with Tatar Public Center, “Ittifak” party and the Union of Tatar youth “Azatlik” addressed the Crimean Tatars in Crimea. 

In the address, they called on their fellows in Crimea to boycott referendum in Crimea as well as to not trust the official leadership of the republic of Tatarstan.  They expressed concern about the guarantees provided by Tatarstan leaders as for rights and freedoms of the Crimean Tatar people. 

“We ask Crimean Tatars to be careful with the promises of the official authorities of the Republic of Tatarstan.  All sovereignty, achieved by the Tatar national movement in the 90s, is ineptly lost as a result of betrayal by Tatarstan authorities and unprincipled position of a ‘pocket’ Parliament of the republic,” says a statement.   

According to them, “all mentioned organizations and even the leadership of the Republic of Tatarstan cannot act as guarantors of rights and future of the Crimean Tatars”. 

“They cannot even guarantee the free development of their own people,” note Tatars in the statement.

Mejlis of Tatarstan believes that Crimean Tatars have a future with the European Union only.

“Remember that in Russia you have no future!  For the Tatar world, as long as this last world empire exists, there will always be a threat of ethnocide, loss of language, culture and all forms of statehood.”

“We believe that together with the Ukrainian people you will withstand…Sooner or later this dirty foam will come off the TV and newspaper pages…Your courageous stand will always be remembered…The fact that you have not left Ukrainians and supported them during this difficult time will be a permanent reproach to the Russians, who declared in words their kinship with Ukrainians, but demonstrated their imperial grin in their deeds to their “Slavic brothers” and the rest of the world”.