Lamenting the recent death of his partner in crime, the "DPR" militant Mikhail Tolstyh, aka Givi, has promised to retaliate for the destruction of Motorola, whose death, in his opinion, "became a blow to all the so-called "DPR" (Donetsk People’s Republic).” In an interview with a separatist resource NewsFront, the terrorist vowed to avenge the death of his comrade.

“Whoever did it will greatly pay for that; the whole of Ukraine. Each city, which we capture after the "Donetsk People's Republic" will feel it. Motorola’s death is a blow to all the "Donetsk People's Republic," Givi stated.

Motorola was killed October 16, in the elevator of the house where he lived, between 8pm and 9pm in the explosion of a homemade bomb.

Command of the "DPR" militants accused the Ukrainian special forces unit in his death. 

Allegedly, the death of the terrorist Motorola might be initiated by Moscow, since it has long been rumored about bad relations between Motorola and his curators, who are now engaged in military construction in the "DPR."

Photo: Internet