Today, on December 25 in the city of Shchastya in Luhansk region after the five-day talks within the humanitarian project of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "Evacuation 200", the Ukrainian separatists handed over the bodies of two Ukrainian Armed forces employees who were killed on December 18 at Svetlodarsk arc.

“The preliminary examination showed that the men have received bullet injuries incompatible with life. The exact time and cause of death will be established after  forensic examination. No obvious signs of torture were discovered in the external examination,” Michael Kotelevsky, the coordinator of the Armed Forces of Ukraine humanitarian project "Evacuation 200" informed.

Earlier, QHA reported that about six in the morning on Sunday, December 18, the pro-Russian militants launched an artillery attack using mortars and cannon artillery. The Ukrainian Armed Forces respected the cessation of hostilities.
The significant pro-Russian forces attempted a turning movement in the area of  Luhanskaya village to hammer out the advanced units of the ATO forces from their positions and change the contact line of the parties.

Ukrainian Armed Forces took the fight, during which seized the initiative, pushed the enemy back and made a counter-attack. The enemy was forced to retreat, leaving the military property and equipment made in Russia.

According to intelligence reports, militants losses amounted to more than 25 people killed and 30 wounded.
Subsequently, volunteers reported that as a result of counterattack Ukrainian troops were able to liberate new positions and are holding them now, despite the fact that the armed opposition has continued in the region over the week.

Earlier, the coordinator of the group "Stop terror" Simon Kabakaev informed in social networks that some of the captured Ukrainian military "were moved to Debaltsevo, abused and tortured, and later killed."

Photo: Internet