More than a dozen people have been reported wounded after pro-Russian separatists attacked a rally in support of Ukrainian unity in Donetsk April 28, RFE/RL reports.
Media reports said dozens of men dressed in military fatigues and wielding baseball bats and iron bars attacked the rally of some 2,000 people.
Blasts were heard. City officials said that, according to preliminary information, at least 14 people were injured. 

Some reports said the assailants were shouting "Russia, Russia!" as they attacked the rally.
The demonstrators scattered after the violence broke out, with assailants reportedly chasing protesters down side streets after the rally dispersed. Reports said police attempted to hold the pro-Russia militants back but then largely stood aside as dozens of protesters were beaten.
Earlier, two Ukrainian military servicemen were injured as a result of an unknown improvised bomb explosion in Donetsk region. One of them has later died.

Donetsk is one of string of cities in eastern Ukraine where pro-Russia separatists have seized government buildings.