In cities and even in the nooks of the mountainous areas of the annexed peninsula, Ukrainian symbols still appear. Crimeans draw national flags on the walls and leave patriotic inscriptions.
Let's start with the capital of the Crimea, which at the beginning of the occupation of the peninsula by the Russian army became the arena of Ukrainian-Russian art "battles."
Such a Simferopol landscape was published on February 3 this year. Judging by the faded colors, the image has been long here and, apparently, does not cause negative emotions among local residents.
Patriotic inscription saying “Glory to Ukraine” in the area of ​​the 7th city hospital in Simferopol (April 24).
Apart from the inscriptions another symbolism appears (the photo was published on April 7)
Another “Glory to Ukraine” ​ in Microdistrict Fountains.
Traditionally every year Crimeans bring flowers to the monument to the Ukrainian writer and poet Taras Shevchenko on his birthday, March 9, .
And the flowers are brought to the monument not only on the significant days (March 19, 2017).
Strangely enough, the "cities of Russian glory" Sevastopol and Kerch have become record holders for mentions in social networks. Photos with patriotic symbols from there flashed more often than from other places in the Crimea.
March 9, Sevastopol - the monument to Shevchenko also has fresh flowers.
In Kerch, coloring poles in the colors of the Ukrainian flag is popular.
Yellow-blue rectangles often appear on tree trunks.

At the entrance to the city of Sudak, one can also find the Ukrainian flag (March 25, 2017).

And one Simferopol resident got such a sweet gift from his friends on birthday (April 16).
With Ukraine in the heart. Such patriotic hearts were published by one of Twitter users.

"We grudge not the years passing by, but what they are taking away",Crimea resident comments the photo. Yalta, April 21, 2017.
(“Forgive us Ukraine”)
In one of the Crimean courtyards on February 9.

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