Eight of the nine Crimean Tatars who were detained during searches by Russian law enforcers in Bakhchisaray were released. 

The information was confirmed by the lawyers Rustem Kamilev, Lilia Gemedzhi and Elvina Semedlyaeva.

Lawyers reported that all the detainees are charged with violation of public order. The participants of the process were fined from 10 to 20 thousand rubles, which in the total amount is approximately 100 thousand rubles (about 1726,47 USD). The case of Ernest Ibragimov was not considered.

“Consideration of one case is postponed due to the fact that the witnesses were tired, or left the hall. The meeting will be held the next day,” lawyers said.

The lawyers stressed that they regard the cases against the detained Crimean Tatars as "arbitrarily cooked up".

“All the facts that are brought to the point indicate the innocence of the guys. But this does not bother Russian investigators, who have brought them all to administrative responsibility,” lawyers said.

It was also noted that the OMON was present in the courtroom during the entire hearing of the case. Lawyers are convinced that, contrary to the dictatorship of the occupation authorities, the whole situation demonstrated the unity of the Crimean Tatars, who were not afraid to come to court and support their people, and also shoot the video of the process.

The "court" ordered the detainees to pay the following fines:

Asan Abduramanovich Ismanov - 20.000 rubles.

Amet Refatovich Suleimanov  - 15.000 rubles.

Eldar Ruslanovich Ishnazarov - 20.000 rubles.

Ernest Ilyasovich Ibrahimov - the case has been postponed until the next day.

Refat Asanov - 15.000 rubles.

Eskender Izetovich Lyusanov - 15.000 rubles.

Ilnur Refatovich Aslanov - 15.000 rubles.

Rudem Edemovich Nedzhiev - 10,000 rubles.

Ruslan Narimanovich Bilyalov - 10.000 rubles.

The brothers Nuri Ibragimov and Maksud Ablyakimov who were previously detained on the boulevard of Franko (near the FSB building) in Simferopol, were also released.

In the morning of October 11 in Bakhchysarai several homes of Crimean Tatar activists were searched at the same time. According to the updated information, the searches took place in the houses of:

Suleiman Asanov (owner of the cafe "Salachyk") at the address Bakhchysarai, 9 Chepurina St.

Seyran Saliev (activist, who was searched for the third time) at the  address Bakhchysarai, 20 Mira st., apartment 60).

Timur Ibragimov (civil activist), searched at the address Bakhchysarai, 14, Mira st.

Server Zekerjayev, at the address Bakhchisaray, 16, Gordienko st. 

Memet Belyalov (who lives in the street next to Suleiman Asanov)

Ernest Ametov was searched as well.

The invaders intend to hold "trial" of Suleiman Asanov for organizing "terrorist activities". The remaining 5 detainees in Bakhchysarai are accused of "participation in terrorist activities".

Earlier QHA reported that nine activists in Bakhchysarai who came to support compatriots during searches were detained under part 1 of Art. 20.2.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation and accused of "organizing a mass simultaneous staying and (or) movement of citizens in public places, which caused a violation of public order". Some activists were injured. In particular, the traces of beatings are observed on Ismail Asanov (an abrasion on the head, he was also hit on the ribs), Ernest Ibragimov (has  scratches on his arm) and Rudem Nedzhiev (beaten, also have a scratch on his head).

Source: Crimean solidarity