Ukraine is not implicated in the assassination attempt against the "LPR’s Head" Igor Plotnitskiy, said the Speaker of the Presidential Administration on the ATO Affairs Alexander Motuzyanik as cited by "Ukrainian Truth."

Ukraine is not involved in this assassination attempt since it is devoid of any logic and won’t tackle any problems, said Motuzyanik.

The Speaker also recalled it is not the first attempt against the leaders of the "LPR/ DPR."

We remember the resonant assassination attempts on Mozgovoy (Aleksey Mozgovoy - a leader of a "Ghost" bandit gang, so-called Commander of the 4th battalion of the LPR territorial defense), as well as on the Colonel of the Russian troops Bushuyev and Pavel Dremov. The methods of the struggle for power in these groups do not change, said the Speaker.

According to Motuzyanik, the assassination attempt is the result of the "infighting, re-establishment of spheres of influence and the struggle for power."

As QHA reported earlier, the morning of August, 6 the car of the ‘Head’ of the so-called ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ Igor Plotnitsky was blown up in the occupied city of Luhansk.

Photo: Internet