(QHA) -

Today, May 18, mourning events, commemorating victims of Crimean Tatar tragic deportation in 1944, took place all over Crimean peninsula.

Close to 300 people prayed in memory of Crimea Tatar victims of deportation at Salgir Park in Simferopol.

Crimean Tatars gathered in Bakhchisaray, Belogorsk, Saki, Kirovskoe, Nizhnegorsoe and Dzhankoy and other cities of Crimea.

The events began with a prayer for those, who died during and after the deportation in Stalin’s era.

Veterans of Crimean Tatar national movement, old people, who were witnesses of these tragic events, made a speech.

Central square of Nizhnegorsk, gathered about 400 people, some of 1000 Crimean Tatars gathered in Dzhankoy, North Crimea.

Meanwhile, military helicopters are flying over Crimea from May 18 early morning.

As we earlier reported, Crimean authorities banned all the mass demonstration in Crimea till June 6.

The announcement came two days before the 70th anniversary of the greatest tragedy of Crimean Tatar people—the deportation.