Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea—The Muftiyat—has appealed to Prosecutor Office of Crimea to examine whether the decision to allocate an area, where the Kalga Sultan palace may have been located, was legal.

As we earlier reported, building works has started in Simferopol at the site of Kalga Sultan palace, which Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea (Muftiyat) had been planning to restore.

“It seems like another ice-skating rink is more necessary than a preservation of history and historical sights, which attract tourists. It is a profanity to treat history this way”- Secretary for Muftiyat Aider Adzhimambetov said.

According to Muftiyat, archeologists from Crimean institute for archeology have confirmed that the Kalga Sultan palace, dated the XV-XVI century, was located in this area of Simferopol (Vorovskogo Street,- ed.). The complex included a mosque, a madrasa (religious school), a library and a palace.

Muftiyat had made numerous appeals to Simferopol authorities, asking to allocate the area for digging, seeking to restore the palace of Kalga Sultan.

Note: A Khan from the Girai family was the ruler of the Crimean Khanate and the positions of khan’s deputies were reserved for the Girai family. Kalga Sultan – usually the brother or the eldest son of the khan – was governor of the khan and managed the right (Eastern) part of the state, and Nuredin Sultan was the second governor and managed the left (Western) part.