The wave of the Crimean Muslims discontent grows. Once the information reached the public about the imported from Russia "halal" dumpling that contain minced pork hearts, people started talking about the gross violation of the consumer’s rights, in legal terms  as well morally in relation to the orthodox Muslims.

The "Muslim" sausage produced under the label "halal" at the Russian Tsaritsyno meat factory, contains pork as well.

Notably, Tsaritsyno Meat Processing Plant is one of the leading manufacturers of halal products in Russia.

Search engines suggest that Council of Muftis of Russia challenged the brand in 2013. However, the unscrupulous manufacturer continues to do the dirty on its customers.

Due to the fact that the product is "Muslims permitted", it is more expensive than the other meat products.

The Muslim communities of Crimea urge the public to be vigilant when choosing Russian products, as well as pay attention to the use of different labeling indicating compliance with "halal", which may mislead the consumer.

Photo: Internet