The holy Muslim month of Ramadan in 2017 will begin on the evening of May 26 with the sunset. The fasting will last from the morning of May 27 until the evening of June 25. The next day, June 26, is celebrated the holiday of Eid al Fitr (Oraza Bayram). Note that there is no single date for the beginning of Ramadan. Some Muslim countries define it according to astronomical calculations, while others - from observations of the Moon. The opinion of authoritative Muslim theologians is also taken into account. Therefore, the date of the beginning of Ramadan in different countries may slightly vary.

The fast (Uraza, Oraza) is one of the five pillars of Islam - is considered compulsory in the month of Ramadan. It begins with dawn (after the morning azan) and ends after sunset (after evening azan). During the whole daytime of Ramadan, the faithful Muslims refuse to eat, drink and smoke in order to atone for their sins. In fasting, no one swears to cleanse the soul.

The duration of Ramadan is 29 or 30 days and depends on the lunar calendar.

The complete rejection of simple human needs, even in the hottest and most exhausting days, gives Muslims the opportunity to demonstrate the power of their faith.

The sense of fasting is the test of the will for the triumph of the spirit over the desires of the flesh, the concentration of attention on one's inner world with the aim of identifying and eliminating sinful inclinations and repenting of perfect sins. It is a celebration of the soul, during which every believer should reconsider the past year lived.

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