Hassan Halkech says that Khalilov, who has already been on a hunger strike for the 34 days, intends to refuse the forced feeding at the hospital, "if it is physically possible."

“Things are getting even more and more critical. Yesterday, when spoke with Nedim-Bey over the phone, his voice had been really weakened,” Halkech notes with concern.

Earlier QHA reported that November 21, the Crimean Tatar activist Nedim Khalilov went on a hunger strike. Such an action was his response to the decision of the Simferopol "court" on his deportation from Crimea to Uzbekistan. The reason for the deportation was the absence of Russian or Ukrainian citizenship, and the only document Khalilov had was a Soviet passport. Khalilov requires to transfer him back to the peninsula and grant him the status of Stateless person.

Photo: Internet