November 23, searches were conducted in the homes of Asan Chapukh and Amet Asanov in Koreiz; Kurtseit Abdullaev and his brother Eldar in Simferopol (both of them were detained); Ruslan Trubach in the village  Blizhne in Feodosia region (he was detained with his wife, then his wife was taken to the search). At the home of Trubach the invaders seized a video camera, a notebook, business cards, national and battalion flags, old mobile phones, CDs with Turkish music, a computer processor. The husband of Elmira Gaziyeva, Yuri Baranov, was also detained after the search.

Bekir Degermendzhi was detained in front of the restaurant "Marakand", in the cafe "Medobory" in Simferopol. At the same time, the house of Degermendzhi in the village of Grushevka of the Sudak region was searched. Degermendzhi arrived in Simferopol, as he was to participate in the hearing on the case of "February 26". 57-year-old Bekir Degermendzhi is the father of Mustafa Degermendzhi, a defendant in the “February 26” trial.

It also became known that the search was conducted at Kazim Ametov, a friend of Bekir Degermendzhi in the village of Grushevka, Sudak district.

Activists Bekir Degermendzhi and Ruslan Trubach were searched by employees of the so-called law enforcement agencies without any "identification marks."

The search was also conducted in the house of Remzy Beytullaev in Gvardeisky.

Reportedly, the entire Crimean Tatar village in Koreiz was cordoned off by the security forces.

In the village of Ukromne, the security forces conducted a "survey" on single pickets. In the settlements Kirov, Zarechny, Dzhankoe and the Stary Krym, several people received police summonses over holding single pickets.

Activists Asan Chapukh, Bekir Degermendzhi, Kazim Ametov and Kurtseit Abdullayev were brought to the "Center to Counter Extremism." They were charged with extortion. The amount of the bribe, which they had allegedly extorted from a citizen of Turkey, was 7 thousand dollars.

As for the Turkish citizen, who was allegedly subjected to extortion, it became known that his name was Yusuf Aytan, he cohabited with different women and owed money to several people, among them was Vedzhiye Kashka, a veteran of the Crimean Tatar national movement. The activists, feeling respect for the Vedzhiye’s family, intervened in the situation and tried to help.

The page of Aytan in social networks specifies that he comes from the city of Samsun, which is on the Black Sea coast of Turkey and graduated from Donetsk National University.

QHA reported that November 23, as a result of the actions of the security forces, 83-year-old Vedzhie Kashka, a veteran of the Crimean Tatar national movement, died.