On the central beach in Yevpatoria, on the afternoon of May 4, a pink tractor raked rubbish and algae into the sea, and after a while they returned to the shore, blogger-tourist Sergei Anashkevich informed in his "Live Journal".

“Local residents in Yevpatoria do not bathe on the central beach, as it is considered the dirtiest of all the surrounding beaches. Maybe one of the reasons is this kind of "cleaning"?”

Previously, similar measures to "clean" the beaches were seen in action on another polluted beach in the occupied Crimea, in Sevastopol.

“Probably, those who came up with this method hope that the algae will dissolve in water or they will be carried somewhere by the sea? But why on Earth the sea should take them somewhere? And where? To Sevastopol? In the Black Sea? On the other beaches?” The blogger wondered.

Earlier, QHA reported that on May 3 in the photos appeared in network featuring the tourist city of Koktebel empty in the May holidays. Local residents attribute the absence of tourists to the excessively high prices for air tickets to the Crimea.

PHOTO: Sergey Anashkevich