Lawyer Nikolay Polozov could not get to his client Hayser Dzhemilev for more than three hours without any justification.  Tomorrow, November 25, the detained Dzhemilev is to be released at the expiration of the term of arrest, the lawyer told in comments to the QHA correspondent.

“I came to the colony this morning, the chief signed my permission to enter, but for more than three hours nobody has come for escorting me to a territory where meetings are held. Nobody says anything. Chief himself is inside too, I can not get through. I really, really do not like it,” he said.

The signed permission was valid until 17:00 the same day. At the moment of conversation with the lawyer it was 15:40 in Astrakhan.

“I do not know what the reasons are. I hope Hayser is here in the colony. I do not know what else to expect. There may be any provocations,” he added.

According to Nicholay Polozov, he will not leave his client and will attend him until Hayser is safe. Mother and wife of the detained Hayser Dzhemilev are now in Astrakhan as well awaiting his release together with the Ukrainian consuls.