In the occupied Crimea in conditions of complete lack of freedom, such a phenomenon as civil journalism can be observed, when people who are far from the profession perform the functions of journalists. The First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova made a corresponding statement during the round table "Freedom of Speech in Ukraine: Current Status and Challenges" dedicated to the World Press Freedom Day.

“Indeed, there is no form of freedom left. But still such phenomenon arose like civil journalism in conditions of complete lack of freedom. The information space on the peninsula is in fact cleared of normal journalism and objective media, so people far from this profession perform the function of journalists," she noted.

Dzhaparova stressed that civil journalists in the occupied Crimea are absolutely not protected, but they continue to provide information about the events taking place on the annexed peninsula.

“For example, when a search is carried out, people, neighbors, relatives of those who are searched record on phones and share data about these crimes on social networks, and they are put under pressure and arrested in fact. There, one can be arrested or fined huge sums for a post on Facebook," she said.

QHA reported that in February 2016 mass searches in the occupied Crimea caused the appearance of a civil journalist on the peninsula, when activists began to shoot illegal searches on their phones and share them on the Internet. Crimean Tatar journalist Seitumer Seitumerov noted that it is very dangerous to engage in civil journalism on the annexed peninsula, because people covering the actual events can be arrested for this at any time.