The human rights situation is deteriorating in Crimea, reported the UN Assistant Secretary-General Ivan Simonovic during his speech at a meeting of the UN Security Council as cited by UNIAN.

He said that "there is no signal for improvements in this field in 2015".

- Those who are considered an opposition are intimidated and harassed. Law enforcement agencies in the justice system are used as a tool of repressions, said Simonovic. He also noted that recently all Crimean Tatar media have been closed on the peninsula.

In addition, he drew attention to that part of the Crimean Tatars, who following taking part in demonstrations against the occupation of Crimea in February 2014, have been arrested this year.

The Assistant Secretary General also said there is still no progress in investigating the murder of a Crimean Tatar Rishat Ametov, as well as in the investigation into the disappearance of pro-Ukrainian activists in 2014.