On the territory of the Donetsk region, temporarily uncontrolled by Ukrainian authorities, 23 on-air and 28 digital TV companies are deprived of the right to broadcast, according to the report of the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting for 2017.

Also, the terrorists of the "DPR" banned the work of 23 radio stations.

“On the territory of the Luhansk region, which is temporarily uncontrolled by the Ukrainian authorities, 24 on-air broadcasting companies using 61 frequencies in 15 localities are deprived of the right to broadcast, as well as 29 digital TV companies using 12 frequencies in 3 settlements, and 19 radio stations using 29 frequencies in 5 settlements,” the report said.

Meanwhile, in the annexed Crimea, the situation is even worse.

Thus, the broadcasting of 31 television companies in 69 settlements is prohibited. The work of 28 channels with digital broadcasting in 18 settlements has been suspended.

Meanwhile, according to People's Deputy Viktoria Syumar, an important task of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information is the organization of Ukrainian broadcasting in the occupied territories and blocking propaganda of the Russian Federation.

Source: Detector Media