(QHA) -

The number of refugees from eastern Ukraine has already reached almost 40,000 people, the State Service on Emergency Situations has reported.

"The total number of Ukrainian citizens who moved from the area of the anti-terrorist operation to other regions is 39,055 people, including 14,379 children, 4,893 people with disabilities and the elderly," the service's press office reported.

Most refugees came to Kyiv - 5,569 persons, Kharkiv region - 7,143, Zaporizhzhia region 3,650, Odesa region - 3,776, Dnipropetrovsk region - 3,357, and Kyiv region - 3,181. The least number of refugees is in Volyn region (242) and Ternopil region (246).

Meanwhile, Russia claims that the number of refugees from Ukraine staying at temporary accommodation facilities in Russia exceeds 21,000.

“In 321 facilities remain over 21,200 people now”- spokesman of the emergencies ministry (EMERCOM) Aleksandr Drobyshevsky said.