The community Typical Simferopol shared the details of the holiday on social network VKontakte.

“Dear residents and guests of Simferopol!

Tomorrow, October 7, we celebrate the Russian President Vladimir Putin's birthday together in the Children's Park central alley in Simferopol!

17.00 - a quiz: "Biography of the Russian President Vladimir Putin"

18.00 - concert program, performances of the invited guests of honor

18.10 - Presentation of a greeting card to the President. The card is two meters by three with the image of Vladimir Putin. October 7, its parts will be at the intersection of Pushkin Str. and Gorkova Styr. And everyone can leave their good wishes to the President. All the parts together will compose a large postcard.

19.30 to 21.30 - Disco "Only Russian hits", quizzes and contests.

Waiting for everybody!!!”

The event is organized by the public organization "KrymVolonter", "Russian Union of Youth", NGO "Union of Volunteers of Russia", Interregional Resource Center Support from NGO "For the Future of Crimea", with the support of the so-called Head of the  Simferopol Administration Gennady Bakharev, major information partner is network edition "Youth Republic of Crimea".

Well, one can only condole with the Crimean youth who falls into the next stage of senility, for subservience to the Russian Federation leader with Napoleon habits can reduce the self-esteem of the young people living in the annexed Crimea.

The so-called leaders of the Crimea will not give up the ability to keep the crowd on a leash, using the classic of bread and circuses. However, as the classic saying "Tyrant lives off fear and wise ruler lives at the expense of virtue."

In other words, the Russian government should think about solving economic problems on the peninsula like blackouts, water shortage, failure of the holiday season and the crucial need to solve the power supply issue before winter. Instead, "the power of the Crimea" sets up ritual dances and quizzes on Putin’s biography to the sound of Russian pop and accompanied by a postcard 3 by 2 meters.

Photo: Internet