The so-called "government" of Sevastopol transferred the land plot with the buildings and facilities of the former Ukrainian Banking Academy in federal ownership, according to the local media.

“This is the land under the objects of the former Banking Academy. The facilities were transferred to federal ownership earlier,” the Director of the Russian Department for Property and Land Relations Rustem Zaynullin explained.

After invaders eliminated the Ukrainian educational institution in 2014, several families of former employees left to reside in its hostel. They won this right in the courts against the self-proclaimed "government" of Sevastopol and Moscow Banking School of the Central Bank of Russia.

According to local press reports, recently the so-called Sevastopol "power" transferred the territory and building of the Academy to the federal property of the Russian Federation. The entire educational complex was reassigned to the Ministry of Defense of Russia and provided to the Nakhimov Black Sea Higher Naval School.

The night of January 12, Russian military in occupied Sevastopol sealed the premises of the Ukrainian Banking Academy dorm with people inside, the Crimean media reported. According to the Academy teachers, the night before, the unknown forcibly handed them a "notification" on behalf of the Nakhimov Naval College with the requirement to give reasons for their staying in this hostel. Moreover, the document implied to provide the military with photocopies of the residents’ passports, employment records, information on marital status and other personal data.
Photo: Internet