The invaders in Crimea demolish the Muslim cemetery "Gurzuf-Aziz" near the beach "Gurovsky stones" in Gurzuf to construct a new building of the children's camp "Artek", which they appropriated after the annexation of the Crimea, according to the video clip by "Crimea. Reality".

The beach "Gurovsky Stones" is located in the coastal zone of "Artek" camp. For a long time the old Muslim cemetery "Gurzuf-Aziz" was located farther up the slope. It has fallen into a state of neglect since the deportation of the Crimean Tatars to Central Asia.

The Kremlin-controlled authorities of Crimea have found a use for this plot of land: In the winter of 2017 they drove construction equipment onto it and started erecting a new building of "Artek" in the cemetery.

“It is now about demolishing the cemetery in Gurzuf. This is a serious and dramatic thing, if it happens, it will certainly be an act of vandalism, it will be just boorishness of the local authorities," said historian Gulnara Bekirova in the commentary.

Earlier, on January 26, the "Artek" management ordered to demolish the ancient Muslim cemetery "Gurzuf-Aziz". Indignant locals collected signatures against the demolition and appealed to the police of Yalta, after which the work was suspended under the decision of the "Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage" and the "State Council of the State Council on Interethnic Relations".

PHOTO: Internet